Grit is the blockchain-based game coming to the Epic Games Store

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Grit, a blockchain-based game developed by Gala Games, will make its debut on the Epic Games Store. This is a big step for the visibility of securities that include NFTs and which, consequently, use blockchains to allow users to authenticate unique digital items and then resell them.

A decision, that of Tim Sweeney, CEO of the Maryland native digital store, which goes against the trend of that taken by VALVe, the company that founded Steam. The latter, in fact, have decided to ban the titles that have this functioning from their store.

Not bad, considering that the catchment area of ​​the Epic Games Store is close to 200 million users. After all, the mission of Gala Games is precisely to make this genre of games more and more popular and more and more played. The support of one of the largest digital stores in the world is certainly one of the starting points to dominate the gaming market, or at least try.

And, specifically, Grit, the blockchain-based game on the Epic Games Store, will be the first in a long series of games with this mechanism, according to Gala Games. This title is nothing more than a battle royale set in the Old West.

Ma the software house has already announced that it is working on an AAA FPS and on Spider Tanks, which will, in fact, establish the first eSports championship based on NFTs. In short, Gala Games wants to do things big and we can only wait and see what it has in store for us.

Obviously, the ritual declarations could not be missing. For Gala Games, President John Osvald spoke:

The guys from Epic Games are pioneers and visionaries in the gaming world. The arrival of titles like this on the Store gives them credibility. Easy access to Web3 titles represents a game changer for all users who have not yet seen how digital ownership can enrich the gaming experience.

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