GTA 6, the boss of Take-Two: "He will set new standards for the industry"

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While there are still no details for what concerns GTA 6the Grand Theft Auto 6, chapter not announced but whose development has been confirmed for some time, Strauss Zelnick, aka the boss of Take-Two, he found himself talking about the game, raising the expectations of users regarding the new chapter in development.

As explained, apparently it should once again be a revolutionary game in itself, with Rockstar taking many years to provide users with a noteworthy product capable of satisfying everyone, achieving what has been seen with the other chapters and overcoming them.

With the development of the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto series on the way, the Rockstar Games team is determined once again to set creative benchmarks for the series, for our industry, for all entertainment, as the label has always done with each of its major releases.

However, no details have been provided, and even if the expectations regarding what we will see with this new game certainly increase, for the moment we just have to wait for news on everything from the well-known company, ready once again to focus on your brand.

Fonte: GameIndustry Via: Eurogamer
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