GTA V: all the details of the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S versions

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L'uscita di GTA V for new generation is getting closer and closer and Rockstar, the software house that developed the title back in 2013, has announced new details regarding the versions of the blockbuster coming for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

In particular, on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X this title will turn, in Fidelity mode, at native 4K resolution with active ray-tracing, while on Xbox Series S it will run in normal 4K, without ray-tracing. On all platforms it will run at a stable 30fps. An excellent compromise between performance and high graphic details.

In Performance mode, instead, the fps will rise to 60. This, of course, will affect the resolution which, in the most powerful consoles, will drop to 4K, while on the small Xbox Series S it will drop to 1080p. So if you prefer smoother gameplay, this is the mode for you.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series Xmoreover, they will support a third modality, namely the Performance RT, a sort of hybrid mode between Performance and Fidelity. In this case, the resolution always remains on 4K but ray tracing will be active. The fps, on the other hand, remain stable at 60 stable. 

We can't wait, therefore, to get our hands back on what was, and is, a timeless videogame masterpiece, so much so that it deserves the release on three generations of consoles. We remind you that the release date is set for March 15, 2022. Now, very little is missing.

For the record, we remind you that on March 15, GTA V will only be available digitally. If you want the physical version, therefore with disc, you will have to wait until April. A wait that, we are sure, physical copy lovers will be happy to experience.

In short, we just have to wait and find out how this title will turn on the new generation, with the eyes and above all, the ears pricked up waiting for news regarding the new chapter of the saga, namely GTA VI.

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