GTA VI: all the clues about the setting, history and release date

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GTA VI it is certainly one of the most anticipated games ever; the success of the V is now off the scale and, as a matter of fact, many have wondered if it is worth “abandoning” such a profitable chapter. However, Rockstar Games is always ready to revolutionize the market with its games, and it seems very unlikely that the sixth chapter of Grand Theft Auto is not in development. By virtue of the foregoing, we started with the team in search of information, statements and various leaks, all in order to steal anything that could actually shed light on the future of the brand.

When and how GTA VI will be released

Let's start from the beginning: when will GTA VI be announced? So, the situation is quite cryptic, so let's go step by step. Several months ago, a leak had circulated that foreshadowed that GTA VI would be announced with a live presentation. Of course, the news didn't make much noise, except when the developer itself was "betrayed" by a job advertisement. In fact, in this we read how Rockstar Games was looking for a figure capable of filling the role of coordinator of live operations, which would suggest how a conference in presence could be expected to be effective.

Regardless of how it will be announced, the most eligible year, at least for the experts, it is 2025. In the face of this, we find the words of the journalist encouraging Jason Schreier. Bloomberg's editor, who has also been working on the report for some time Sony with indie developers, we supported the leaker's various advances Tom henderson (which we will also mention later), now a truly reliable source e specializing in rumors regarding Battlefield and Call of Duty. The latter figure in fact declared that the release of a possible GTA VI would be scheduled for 2025, and subsequently Schreier replied as follows:

I really don't know why everyone thinks I said GTA VI was coming in 2023. From what I've heard, everything matches what Tom Henderson said recently. I don't know the details, I haven't seen how the game is progressing but I know that GTA VI is still in the early stages of development and features a map that expands or evolves (as I also reported last year).

When the reporter says "according to what I've heard", probably refers to its internal sources, so we see no compelling reason not to take this particular piece of information as trustworthy. But it does not end there, given that he also added that the project is still in the initial stages of development (which should have started in 2020 anyway according to Kotaku), that we won't see it before 2025. The editorial staff of Video Game Chronicles intervened on this last point with a dedicated article. The videogame newspaper said it got in touch with its sources and received the same version of things.

Will Vice City be the real setting? 

Let's start by saying that there have been several rumors and leaks that actually make you think that the next GTA VI may actually be set in Vice City, a city that is very reminiscent of Miami. The aforementioned Henderson, in fact, would have already confirmed these rumors, but adding that the location will be modified to make it more modern and similar to what was seen in the fifth chapter. Thanks to the video (which you can find here), the insider stated that the decision to modernize the map is due to the implementation of GTA Online, which on the contrary it would have been much more difficult to fit into an 80s and 90s inspired setting, thus proving that for the development team the multiplayer component will also be central to this new chapter. The same journalist, moreover, in one of his tweets speaks of a game still in the early stages of development and of an "evolving / expanding" map. Although he has not released other details about it, we imagine something that can be modified and enriched over time also through DLC. He also thought about fueling these rumors the screen leaked in the past few weeks, which should be a pre-alpha of the new GTA VI (you can find it at this link).

That Vice City could be the right setting could also have confirmed Tony Mesons, soundtrack manager who works in Rockstar since 2011, who - as you can see in this link - shows an area of ​​Miami that is supposed to be South Beach. The figure in question has already worked on GTA V, Red Dead Redemption 2 and LA Noir, so it seems possible that he is getting his hands on the next GTA VI. The icing on the cake of this theory is given by Dr. Dree and Snoop Dog: the first is very West Coast related (did you know about the hip hop rivalry between the West and East Coast?), while the second stated that friend and colleague Dr. Dre would be working on the soundtrack of a new Grand Theft Auto game. Given the harmony between the rapper and his area, we believe that all the dots, at least as far as the setting is concerned, are finally coming together.

What to expect from the story of GTA VI

History would see the return of different playable characters, among which there would also be one female protagonist which would deal with technology and hacking. Also, the actor and voice actor Dave Jackson (as evidenced by this link) confirmed that he was hired by Rockstar to play an unreleased character within GTA VI, citing the name of his own NPC, or the Chief of Police Captain McClane. The actor also reassured fans that he had not broken any confidentiality pact, since it was enough not to divulge information on the plot, toHe also added that as far as he knew the team was also producing a trailer for a game, and he himself strongly hopes it's GTA VI. The well-known job advertisements also add details on the title since in fact, as reported by ComicBook, it seems that the development house is looking for people to work on environments, characters, vehicles, weapons and much more, with visual effects that will help immerse the player even more. In detail we talk about insects that wander around the characters, raindrops falling from buildings and, above all, large-scale destruction events such as collapsing skyscrapers.

The list also mentions systems that work to create their own related effects: if the weapons create bullet holes, the vehicles will raise dirt and smoke, leaving some debris in the event of a crash. objects will get dirty when they end up in the mud (a bit like Red Dead Redemption 2) and much more. Tom Henderson also teases the fans in this case by talking about new content, adding that (find the source as usual at this link) the players they will be rewarded in Bitcoin (which, however, within the game will take another name) for the completion of some missions. There will therefore be a return of the stock market, accompanied by the addition of a broker for several cryptocurrencies.

We strongly believe that this GTA VI can, like other Rockstar games, revolutionize the market, and despite all this information, which we remember is not yet official, we have barely scratched the tip of the iceberg. There will still be so much to discover and we are sure that in the coming weeks a lot more news will come out, maybe even some denials, but this does not change our anxious wait. Despite everything, the team is preparing to do things big and we can't wait to have the final result in our hands.

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