GTA VI: Take-Two may have revealed the release period

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The latest financial indications of Take-Two may have referred to plans for the release of GTA VI downtown March 2024, as suggested by an analyst.

A few days ago the parent company of Rockstar officially announced the acquisition of Zynga (find more details in our dedicated news). This has led analysts to calculate the company's annual growth rate, which will be 2024% until 14.

Such a high increase has led industry analysts to believe the publisher is planning a major release for its fiscal year which will end on March 31, 2014.

Cowen's Doug Creutz said the increase equates to approximately $ 9 billion in consumer spending, thus indicating "a probable launch of GTA VI in fiscal year 24".


This movement would be very similar to a previous one, namely that of GTA V. A Jefferies analyst has also released statements regarding the affair, here is what is reported:

There are only a handful of stocks that can provide management with the security to deliver such strong growth; we believe there is at least one Rockstar IP that will be released by fiscal year 24.

Industry insider Tom Henderson said last July that Grand Theft Auto VI would be released in 2024 or 2025. However, we can assure you that more details can be found in our special dedicated to GTA VI. in which we analyze and connect all the rumors and leaks released in recent months, for more information just click here.

The news on the issue for today ends here, obviously what is reported are only speculations and suppositions, given that in the current state of things there is absolutely nothing official. We invite you not to take these analyzes as 100% true, as they could easily hide a margin of error. Take-Two and Rockstar have not yet exposed themselves regarding GTA VI, and we doubt they will soon.

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