Gwent: A new stand-alone card game from The Witcher is on the way

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The universe of The Witcher immediately fascinated the players, an incredible escalation that has culminated in recent years with the acclaimed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and with the original series Netflix, but not only. In fact, from the very last title of CD Projekt RED dedicated to Geralt, a new card game was born that thrilled players, many of whom spent hours and hours enjoying this side activity. This is the Gwent, a game that was later also proposed outside The Witcher.

However, the story does not seem to end here, because according to an exclusive of IGN colleagues, the Polish studio is currently working on a new stand alone title dedicated to Gwent, a single player experience that currently goes by the name of Project Golden Nekker.

Clearly, also given the definition of stand alone, it will not be necessary to have any other version of Gwent to take advantage of this new product.

It doesn't stop there, because it looks like the game will be released very soon, even by the end of October 2022.

It will be a different experience from those tried so far, in which it will aim for a captivating solo experience, especially dedicated to those who have not loved the competitive multiplayer experience of Gwent, or who do not like to challenge others in general. players.

Despite all this good news, nothing about the game has yet been shown, because, according to the game director's statements a couple of months ago, the team's willingness is to reveal and present what they are working on only at the appropriate time.

In short, a third life awaits Gwent, which will be appreciated not only by fans of The Witcher, but also by card game players in general who do not disdain a healthy single-player adventure.

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