Half-Life Alyx: BioShock mod includes over 10 new hours of gameplay

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Dear fans of BioShock e Half-Life finally you can join, as it has emerged in the past few hours a very special mod that will surely drive fans of both series crazy.

So here we are to get to the point where the modder “wim.buytaert.1988” has released the second episode of his fantastic BioShock Mod available for the beloved virtual reality title Half-Life Alyx. According to the modder in question, Return to Rapture Chapter Two has the beauty of 24 levels, thus reaching the threshold of over 15 hours of play.

This second episode packs countless new and original features. Indeed players can expect various types of enemies, More advanced AI, dismemberments, powers, weapons, unique soundtrack, animations, dialogues, writings, secrets and much more.

In this episode the protagonist will have to contend with humanoids of different nature but, in addition to weapons, he will also have access to the BioShock plasma that will allow him further types of powers.

Unfortunately, at present there are no projects that speak of an actual BioShock VR and for this reason the mod made for Half-Life Alyx seems the best solution for Rapture fans.

Unfortunately the information on the story ends here for today, if you are interested in the mod in question, we advise you to download it right from here.

BioShock is definitely one of the most loved titles ever, and luckily for fans it seems that a dedicated film is coming to life, if you want to deepen the story we strongly recommend you click here to find out who will be the possible protagonist. If you want to find out more details on the matter in general, going to this link you will find a very detailed report.

If you still have doubts whether or not to download the BioShock mod in Half-Life Alyx we recommend that you watch the trailer, so as to get a better idea of ​​what you are about to download.

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