Halo Infinite: new trailer reveals release date and news of Season 2

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Halo Infinite is not only its main campaign, but it has an important multiplayer, which we finally know about the release date of Season 2. The developers wanted to announce all the news that will be implemented through a trailer available on the official YouTube channel.

According to what has been said several times by the developers of the shooter, Halo Infinite swill be supported for years with seasonal content. And now we can finally know what these contents await you.

343 Industries, inside the really well done and action-packed announcement trailer, shows us a little bit of what Halo Infinite Season 2 will be, along with its release date: the 3 may 2022.

The contents seem really varied, though we don't know much about Lone Wolves. But it is certain that there will be new modes, as well as new maps and limited-time events. Last but not least, the developers will insert a new battle pass full of rewards that will be given to you as a reward when you reach the right level.

And it is from the Battle Pass that the Halo Infinite revolution begins. In fact, it will definitely have more elements to customize your character, at least compared to Season 1. In addition, you will be able to get 1000 credits in the Premium version. The weekly challenges will always change and conceptually will be better, so that the Ultimate rewards will be of higher and higher value.

But also shop bundles will undergo changes, so as to be able to give more content at decidedly more balanced prices. Not only that, some elements of the bundles will be purchasable individually, so you can buy the single item and not be forced to pay more for the bundle, when you only want a specific item. The changes will be mainly these, as indicated by the official website dedicated to the shooter.

Now you just have to wait until May 3, 2022 of this year and have fun in uncovering the battle pass and getting everything obtainable. Just under a month to go!

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