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When a videogame product ends in TV, often what is done is to make it as open as possible: it almost always happens, but it seems that Halo is brave enough as a TV series to not care. We previewed the first two episodes, and while it's interesting to see the difference between the two, we're going to talk about this today review of episode number 1 only by Halo.

But let's start from a premise: this series is a tribute to the fans as far as construction is concerned. Every sound, every weapon and every detail is 100% accurate than video game, and even the noises of the shields that recharge and the moments in the first person are taken hand in hand by the playful work. However, this is not enough to make a TV series of the level, so let's see if this first episode passes the finish line.

Halo episode number 1: the tale begins

The plot takes the classic starting point typical of the game, proposing a team of Spartan ready to kill i Covenant, threatens that it is attacking various planets and killing anyone who stands in front of their targets. The opening scene, both the first moments dedicated to the population of the planet in question, and the subsequent ones, serve as the setting for the great battle that opens the series and the episode.

The way these 10 minutes first episode are proposed is something more faithful to the game, and it's always nice to see when a showrunner is doing homework and studying source material. That said, the rest of the episode focuses mainly on an alien artifact that awakens in John, which is our Master Chief, his memories as a child, an artifact that nevertheless seems to be the target of the gods as well Covenant. Meanwhile, we also see the entry of kuwan, orphan of her planet and the first attempted victim we see by the UNSC.

Our hero will then have to take matters into his own hands and go against his bosses to try to save this girl, without even understanding why he wants to do it. This obviously throws the basics on the plot which will be enclosed in these 9 episodes and that will surely see an evolution of the character of John. Interesting to see the various characters in their phase before the video game: for example the doctor Halsey and the Cortana project when it was still nothing of what we saw in the video game, or the way in which the Covenant themselves are not recognized at first sight by the rebels of the planet that you see at the beginning of the episode.

The foundations for a good TV series are there, and since technical side the work done by the team is something fantastic: let's just hope that it doesn't fall victim to the classic stereotypes of derivative products, ending up telling something that will not be appreciated by the fans or that maybe it will be off target, undermining the whole project. If for example the way the same UNSC behaves manages to evoke interesting connections, the incipit of the plot focuses more on the human side of John than on a possible mission, also inserting a character who needs defense in the equation, something that has been abused lately and that perhaps could have been avoid.

We don't know now how everything will evolve, and considering that the same executive producer described the timeline of the series as Silver Timeline, there could be changes: the idea will be to carry on the canonical events of the saga, but with a different attitude and from a different point, two things that could mean quality or not. For now, the elements that make Halo fans feel at home are there, let's just hope they last for all the other episodes.

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