Halo: The Official Cookbook, the recipe book dedicated to the game is coming

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After the success of Halo Infinite and the release of the TV series dedicated to the beloved saga, Halo presents another novelty for fans, namely Halo: The Official Cookbook, the new cookbook inspired by the shooter.

Halo never ceases to amaze, From 16 August 2022 is coming to Amazon US Halo: The Official Cookbook, the recipe book inspired by the Microsoft exclusive. The book will contain well seventy recipes dedicated to both beginners and more experienced cooks. These recipes will be accompanied by a detailed step-by-step explanation and explanatory photos, so that the cook can surprise his friends.

However, at the moment it is not clear whether the cookbook will be available in Spanish at launch. For the moment it is aimed at an English-speaking audience and exclusively for the American market. In fact, the print version will cost $ 39,99, while the one destined for Kindle will be priced at $ 13,99.

Victoria Rosenthal, author of Halo: The Official Cookook, is not the first time she has devoted herself to recipe books inspired by the world of videogames. In the past, in fact, Rosenthal has published several Cookbooks taken from games such as Fallout , Destiny, final Fantasy e Street Fighter, thus demonstrating their love for video games.

The account too Twitter Halo officer celebrated the cookbook's imminent arrival with a catchy phrase: "Time to upgrade your armory right next to the pantry."

Time to upgrade your armory right alongside your pantry. Announcing, the official Halo Cookbook from @insighteditions! Available for pre-order right now, releasing in August.

? https://t.co/DBaBYA7BoM pic.twitter.com/zslDek8ZuX

— Hello (@Hello) April 5, 2022

Therefore, Halo: The Official Cookbook presents itself as an unmissable novelty for the most avid fans of the saga and also for lovers of good food. Therefore, the series of Halo has definitely expanded beyond the confines of the gaming universe, to go and introduce himself in that of TV series and cooking.

We remind you that on our site you can find the review of Halo Infinite, the new shooter epic of Master Chief. Furthermore, we refer you to the updated title sheet, for all the information in this regard.

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