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The Blizzard-themed card game returns to amaze everyone with the advent of a new expansion, new playable class and new mechanics: gentlemen, make yourself comfortable, the Lich King's Advance is coming. Many players had foreseen it and some rumors over the last few weeks had made us think about the highly anticipated Death Knight (Death Knight) who breaks into the new expansion, bringing 68 themed cards with him.

Make way for the King

The new expansion will arrive on both mobile devices and on PC the next 6th December and will bring with it 145 new cards in addition to the 64 cards dedicated exclusively to the Death Knight. In fact we will be dealing with 213 cards which will bring immense content for the months to come. The Death Knight brings with him the new Hero Power which reads:

Charge of the Ghoul. For 2 Mana, summon a 1/1 Ghoul with Charge that dies at the end of your turn.

Il Ghoul plays a central role for the Lich King, in fact, upon the death of this minion (or the others he controls) he will get a Corpse that he can use to enhance spells and minions that he will launch in the future on the battlefield. The mechanics of the Knight does not end there: in fact, in the construction phase of the deck, you will have to choose between three runes which are Blood, Ice and Impiety. This choice will result in the type of spells and minions you play.


Arthas Path Set

When the Lich King Advanced expansion releases, you will be able to separately purchase the Path of Arthas, designed to allow the Death Knight to “catch up” with the other classes. The pack contains 26 dedicated cards that will be part of the 68 mentioned above at the beginning of this article. These cards should be seen as a Mini Set that is always offered in mid-expansion and that comes here exclusively for the Knight. You have three options to access the Arthas Path:

  • Normal Version: at the cost of 2000 Gold or 1500 Runestones via the in-game Shop.
  • Golden version: at the cost of 7000 Runestones or with real money. In this set you will have all the Golden Path cards in addition to the Legendary Diamond Lady Death Blower.
  • Mega Package: At the cost of real currency or 7000 Runestones, you will have access to the Normal version of the Path of Arthas in addition to the 80 card packs of The Advance of the Lich King, 5 Gold Prized packs of The Advance of the Lich King, two Random Legendary Prized cards from The Lich King's Advance, as well as the Hunter Hero model and Lor'themar back.


For the first time in the history of the game, Pre-Purchase Packs from the Lich King Advanced expansion will also be available during the first week of release of the expansion, this will allow new players to enter the "game" even after launch, allowing them to actually try the game in free-to-play mode and then buy the product of their choice, both the Mega Package and the Core Pack (60 Advance of the Lich King card packs, two random Legendary cards from Advance of the Lich King and the Lor'themar card back).

The Lich King as Santa Claus

The news does not end here, in fact the advent of the Lich King seems very similar to the arrival of Santa Claus. Double types of minions will be added, which for example will be Pirate / Murloc in the same card or also Undead / Dragon in the case of Sindragosa for example. The Undead are however the new type of minions that will not be exclusive only to the Knight of Death but all classes will have access to exclusive minions with that type. There will also be a new type of rarity that adds to the Golden and Diamond and which will be called Precious: this type of card will have the particularity of having a complete image, which transcends the limit of the card text as well as a style of the frame dedicated to the theme of the expansion (in this case themed King of the Lichs). Prized cards cannot be crafted or disenchanted: they must be obtained through special events or through expansion packs. With the advent of Advance of the Lich King they will be available 18 Prized cards, including 15 Legendary and 3 non-Legendary which will be given away through a themed event. The Gold Expansion Packs will be replaced by the new Gold Prized Packs which contain all Gold cards, a higher percentage of getting a Legendary Gold, and a chance to get the Legendary Precious. During the two weeks preceding the launch of the expansion, all the cards of the old expansion The Throne of Ice will be available in Standard format to allow old players to cast old glories while new players will be able to familiarize themselves with the Death Knight cards. come out long ago. In the Gallery below, the cards shown so far.


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