Hearthstone Route to the Sunken City - Review of the new expansion

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The branded digital card game Blizzard, Hearthstone, updates with a new expansion that celebrates the start of a new season or, as it is better defined in the environment, a new year of play, that of the Hydra: Route to the Submerged Cityit is the new agglomeration it contains 135 new cards of which 25 legendary, dedicated in part to the classes of the game, and others common to all selectable heroes. The meta-game is ready to radically change given the release of three expansions from Standard mode, and which we will find in the "Wild" mode, that is the mode that allows you to use all the cards of all the expansions, adventures and mini-sets ever released. until now (if you play from the first day of the title's release there will be no change for you). Let's find out together Hearthstone: Route to the Sunken City.

New protagonists ...

New incredible beasts in Hearthstone come into play with Route to the Sunken City: we refer to the Colossus cards, which are exactly one for each available hero, so ten in total. These cards are first of all creatures and never extemporaneous spells, real minions that come into play and have a specific effect for each class. These Colossi have on their side enormous power, to the point that all those skills (and even the image) they could not fit on one card, for which the developers have allowed each monster to come into play with an "appendix", or another minion that is generated once the reference Colossus is put in place (in some cases even more than one) which acts as a synergistic support to the card played. Obviously they are legendary cards, so you can only have one per deck, but no rule prohibits duplicating it during a game, so by using another card of your choice, maybe you will be able to play even more than one Colossus in a single game, putting your opponent in serious difficulty. The expansion also brings with it another ability, namely Dredging: being an expansion dedicated to a submerged city, the "Dragaggio" operation consists of reveal three cards from the bottom of your deck, choose one e put it on top, in order to draw it immediately as the next card in any way possible (by effect of another card for example, or by the simple effect of the start of your game turn). In the world of the deep sea, a new race of the game also comes in force, the Naga: anthropomorphic sea snakes that were already present in the game with some small apparitions but without the suffix that delineated them (a bit like it happens for humans who still do not have a specific suffix such as "race").

… And old Explorers!

Many legendary heroes return thanks to Route for the Underwater City: Brann Bronzebeard, Ser Pinnus, Reno Jackson ed Elise will be playable again in their original form, ergo it is possible to say that the team of the League of Explorers is back stronger than ever, along with them also old glories like Kael'Thas the magician who returns in the original version, without the nerf suffered as a result. The expansion has already been released, and if you missed the opportunity to buy the bundle that is generated with each expansion, do not worry: you can enter the game (and you will be given a pack of the new expansion) then access the Seasonal Path which in addition to guaranteeing immediate rewards, will give you access to many exclusive skins for the heroes, card backs and characters for the Battle mode. You can unlock it for € 19,99 while in the game store are available different bundles of cards that will offer you both legendary casuals and bundles at a discounted price. We had the opportunity to play Route to the Underwater City for several hours, and what emerges from it is this: there are really strong classes and others that are more fun. Obviously the game lists change from hour to hour, but roughly we would like to tell you that the classes Thief, Paladin, Mage and Shaman for now seem the most performing in their respective variants Pirate, Robot, Naga and Battlecry (the latter dedicated to the Shaman is a particular type of deck that exploits the ability of creatures called Battlecry, in fact). For all updates on Hearthstone: Route to the Underwater City, news and official releases, please follow this page.

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    Hearthstone: Route to the Sunken City is the new expansion of the famous Blizzard card game, which is updated with 135 new cards, a new Season Journey and new challenges for all players. Dive into the sea and discover what is hidden in the depths of the abyss (and the packages that you will be called to open to grab the cards!). Immensely strong new Colossi, new card abilities and new playable race, the Naga await you in what is the first expansion of a new cycle, for now it does not disappoint at all and marks a new face for the title.

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