Hideo Kojima has officially launched a new podcast

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Recently, it was officially revealed that Hideo Kojima has launched his own podcast called Hideo Kojima's Radioverse. Going more specifically, the program of the well-known videogame developer will be an exclusive of the service Audible di Amazon and, at least for the moment, it is only available in Japan.

At present, in fact, no plans have been announced to dub the podcast in other languages, so for now the Western audience will necessarily have to wait and cross their fingers, but this however does not mean that news in this sense cannot come in the future.

Always second when unveiled so far, the first guests on Hideo Kojima's podcast are members of 2BRO, a channel YouTube Japanese with over 3 million subscribers. For the occasion, some small promotional spots have also been published where you can read:

Hideo Kojima, game designer who continues to create unique new ways to play, has given shape to an unmissable journey through the depths of Amazon Audible. What awaits you is a podcast where each episode will feature a variety of guests ready to discuss in depth games, movies and more, a real experience you won't be able to hear anywhere else.

The news, although it surprised much more than a few users, in reality it had already been partially anticipated in January 2022, when Kojima made it known that among its plans for the current year also included a new "radical" project that would see the experimental fusion of video and radio, which now appears as a clear reference to this very interesting podcast.

In addition, over the past few weeks, rumors have continued to circulate about what could be future plans for Hideo Kojima, which also includes a mysterious VR game. Of course, for the moment there is nothing confirmed, but considering the importance that Kojima has always given to experimentation, these rumors could have a grain of truth

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