Hideo Kojima receives "ridiculous" offers every day to buy his studio

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Hideo Kojima revealed to receive every day ridiculously high offers to buy his studio, Kojima Productions. Although the publishing giants offer to buy the studio all the time, and the proposals literally rain from the sky, Kojima is adamant in preserve independence of Kojima Productions in video game development. The celebrated director wants his studio to remain independent as long as he is alive, as he himself stated in a recent episode of the Spotify podcast with Jeoff Keighley.

It also adds of don't want money, as that was not the reason why he decided to create the studio. Acknowledging that most people hold false beliefs about the birth of Kojima Productions, Kojima goes on to clarify that the funds to set up his studio they came 100% from his pockets. She has received no funding from anyone and is independent.

The beloved game director also talks about another misconception involving the relationship with Sony. Due to the proximity between Kojima Productions and the Sony Interactive Entertainment headquarters, people tend to think that the studio is a subsidiary of the Japanese tech giant. This is incorrect as Kojima Productions remains independent and unaffiliated with any other company. Kojima himself calls himself indie.

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