Hideo Kojima: The author would like to explore the world of cinema and music

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Hideo Kojima recently revealed that he would like to explore the world of music and moviesas well as video games.

In an interview given during Anan Awards in Japan, event in which the director won some awards for his work on Death Stranding, stated the following:

All fields are connected in digital works, so I would like to expand from games to fields like cinema and music.

Although Kojima's passion for cinema it has never been a secret, so much so that his phrase "70% of my body is made of film" is now famous, it is the first time that the author speaks openly about his desire to want to create music.

Despite this, it is certainly not new that Kojima is a great music lover, so much so that his works manifest this love for this world in a self-evident way. In that sense, the Death Stranding soundtrack has seen the likes of the likes involved Keys, bring me The Horizon, in addition of course to the great contribution given by low roar, a musical project that saw the late as frontman Ryan Karazija.

Kojima Productions recently announced that it has founded one television and film studio based in Los Angeles and, according to Kojima, the first projects related to this world should start shortly.

However, it is unclear when Kojima will find the time to produce films and music as well, as the author seems to be busier than ever, with several projects currently under development at Kojima Productions.

In recent weeks, Kojima has confirmed that Elle Fanning e shori kutsuna they will star in an as-yet-unannounced game. Plus the actor N has apparently confirmed that a sequel to Death Stranding it is currently under development.

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