High on Life is the most popular game in Xbox Game Pass

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In the last period all video game enthusiasts will have heard at least once of High on Life, the first-person shooter from Squanch Games e Justin Roiland from the strange comedy in style Rick and Morty. Well, following a rather unfortunate launch, the game was updated with a patch that fixed the initial technical defects, making it now one of the most popular video games, first in the ranking of Xbox Game Pass.
Released just a week ago, Justin Roiland's game has therefore been able to beat IPs of enormous thickness such as Minecraft, Halo e Forza Horizon. Surely such an achievement can only help those who talk about it to sing the praises of a title which, in its particularities, has managed to win the hearts of the very demanding general public but, at the same time, highlights the effective scarcity of exclusive offers from Microsoft in this 2022.

The last big names published by Microsoft date back to 2021, when titles such as Halo Infinite o Forza Horizon 5 but this year the catalog of exclusives Xbox was only enriched by pentiment, an adventure game published by Obsidian which, however beautiful, certainly does not allow Microsoft to play with a much more competitive competition. 2022 is now over so, for this year, we just have to celebrate the success of High on Life with Squanch Games and hope well in 2023 for a better performance of the exclusive Xbox title park.

Source: xbox.com
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