High On Life used AI for voices and art design

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Speaking to Sky News this week Justin Roiland, the creator of High on life, revealed that artificial intelligence was used to create art design e voices in the gameas well as adding some finishing touches to the colorful game world.

Roiland also stated that, according to him, artificial intelligence will play a crucial role in the future of game development. When asked if AI is the future of game development, Roiland talked about the many benefits that this technology could bring to developers. Here are his words about it:

I don't know what the future holds, but AI will be a tool that has the potential to make content creation incredibly accessible. It makes the world look like a weird alternate universe of our own world, and we used it to come up with weird and funny ideas. I don't know how many years it will take, but all we need is someone with some great ideas.

While most of the art design in High On Life is hand-drawn, Roiland said he used artificial intelligence to paint original pictures then used in the game and to create some character voices:

It's like writing a TV show that people can come in and spill things over, and as a studio, we want to have a lot of fun narrative surprises. An encounter with an NPC is different depending on the weapon you are holding. Each weapon has its own complete set of dialogues and reactions.

Source: Sky News
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