Hogwarts Legacy postponed again, new official release date announced

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All Harry Potter fans will have to wait even before you can get your hands on Hogwarts Legacy, the title developed by Avalanche Software that promises to revive lovers of the series of books born from the brilliant mind of JR Rowling all the emotions only breathed through her books.

It is, unfortunately, official news: the launch of Hogwarts Legacy has been postponed to February 10, 2023. Initially scheduled for November this year, some time ago it was first postponed to December. Now the "blow": fans of the most famous wizard in the world will have to wait another two months before getting their hands on a game that promises to revolutionize the Wizarding World.

For those who do not know what we are talking about, this is a game that will be released on all platforms inspired by the works, as we said, of Rowling. Indeed, to be more precise to the magical world described by Rowling. Yes, because the setting was only inspired by books and films, but the events will take place in the 1800s, well before those narrated in literary and audiovisual works.

Nothing dramatic, of course, it is a three-month delay, but losing the Christmas holiday window could have repercussions on the success at least from a commercial point of view.. Many, in fact, will have to wait a little longer for their gift. Waiting that, we are sure, will be absolutely repaid.

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