Hogwarts Legacy: trailer mostra la versione next-gen

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Hogwarts Legacy has a new trailer entirely dedicated to the PlayStation 5 version, la console next-gen firmata Sony. Yes, Warner Bros and Avalance have released a trailer highlighting the possibilities of the console.

Along with this clip, a PlayStation Blog post was published written by Avalanche Software community manager Chandler Wood who explained some particular feature that will be implemented in the next-gen version of Hogwarts Legacy and that you can already see in the trailer.

First of all, the adaptive triggers of the DualSense will be exploited, together with the haptic feedback and also the LEDs positioned on the controller. In addition, the Tempest technology will also be exploited with regard to game audio. While regarding the game graphics, you can choose between "Fidelity" and "Performance". The first will raise the resolution of the in-game graphics, allowing you to notice all the details of the models and settings, but the framerate will be locked at 30 frames per second. If you choose performance, the game graphics will be lowered in quality, but there will be the much desired 60 FPS.

Obviously, Hogwarts Legacy will also take advantage of the internal SSD of the PlayStation 5, so as to make the uploads between the various areas much shorter. Especially since the fast travel with the Floo will be implemented. Not only, as far as PlayStation 5 is concerned, the Activity and Guide tabs will also be implemented. In short, the developers want to make the most of the potential of the XNUMXth generation Sony PlayStation console, leaving nothing to chance.

Despite this, the title will also be released on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC and PlayStation 4 towards the end of the year. At the moment we still know when, but certainly with the passage of time, both Warner Bros and Avalanche Software will let us know more about the original title set in the world of the Hogwarts school of magic, created by the fantasy of JK Rowling.

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