Honkai: Star Rail, HoYoverse strategic RPG tried at Gamescom

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The developer hoyoverse, known at the moment especially for Genshin impact, a flagship title that continues to be played and explored by fans all over the world, fortunately has the opportunity to also develop further works, which although resembling its current flagship title, present themselves with substantial differences. This is certainly the case in the saga of Hong Kong, which is ready to continue further with the arrival of Honkai: StarRail, what is configured as a sort of spiritual successor compared to the third Honkai Impact, and which certainly has some similarities with the previous title. We got to get to grips with the game in question over the course of the Gamescom 2022, and we want to talk to you in this study about our first impressions of the experience.

A new experience

With the launch approaching, we still don't have any kind of precise release date, with betas that have already followed and allowed fans to get their hands on the experience in order to try it before the release on PC and on mobile, luckily we too were able to savor it all. Our first comment about it and how the polishing phase, at least as regards the contents we were able to use, is practically completed and the experience seems ready to debut on the market. Crazy films and animations, and a city that we have unfortunately only rarely experienced that has left us the same (excellent) sensations as regards exploration as Genshin Impact.

However, the title wants to veer in a completely opposite direction from various points of view. In fact, we are talking about a very different narrative sector compared to what we have seen so far, with some units known as Trailblazers entering the Astral Express in order to find out more about the Stellaron, with futuristic themes that are the masters and that for sure will be able to thrill even those who do not go crazy for the fantasy that HoYoverse tends to bring to the field. The other big difference, as we had the opportunity to discuss at Gamescom, concerns the combat system, which is nothing short of different from what we saw with Genshin Impact, given that it is particularly strategic turn-based combat.

Very different fights

With an open world that is less expanded, and with a particularly intuitive UI, players in this specific case find themselves facing team challenges that can sometimes put teams in serious difficulty, at least in our test phases, albeit both to be emphasized and in-game, between build combinations and new characters, for sure users will be able to find the correct way to face each of the enemy teams. The arrival of a turn-based experience is certainly interesting, considering in fact that the oriental target audience often has the opportunity to particularly appreciate this type of experience, especially considering that we will have to find out more about the gacha system that the developer is ready. to implement.

Unfortunately, at the moment our minutes together with Honkai: Star Rail have not been many, and we will have to further investigate the title before we can provide more precise opinions, although it is good to underline that this first test of the title during the Gamescom 2022 has been able to surprise us and it certainly fueled our interest in the experience in question.

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