Horizon: Call of The Mountain, nuovo trailer dal PlayStation State of Play

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During the PlayStation State of Play which is taking place in these minutes, the new trailer dedicated to Sony was presented by Horizon: Call of the Mountain, game currently in development for the new Japanese peripheral Playstation VR2.

Yesterday it was confirmed by the same company that the game would be shown at the event, and this time it is a real video gameplay. Also, in the last few days, it has been stated by Sony that Horizon: Call of The Mountain will be part of the line of 20 titles for PlayStation VR2 which will be available from the launch of the peripheral.

Il video, which you can start from the appropriate player in cover to the article, allows us to take a closer look at the new work of the Guerrilla boys, which in January left us with a teaser - and a lot of curiosity - to reveal the existence of the game and give us a little taste of what it will be. We will experience an entirely new adventure, experiencing "a new level of immersion in a unique experience, which focuses on new hardware technology, innovation and gameplay."

The development of the game began even before the release of Horizon: Forbidden West (here our review of the game), so we can speculate that the build from which it drew to have the trailer for Horizon: Call of the Mountain shown today is not exaggeratedly "early".

We do not yet know when Sony's new virtual reality peripheral will be released on the market, however we are sure that as soon as one of the two release dates will be announced (Call of the Mountain or PS VR2) we will also discover the other one.

Waiting for more information on the game and the new VR2 and referring to the trailer if you have not already seen it, we invite you to stay up to date on our pages, also visiting the game page dedicated to all the news - and not only - about Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

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