Horizon Call of the Mountain: Trailer for the first game for PS VR 2

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Horizon Call Of The Mountain is the new game for Playstation vr 2 di Guerrilla games Firesprite Studios and was revealed during the CES 2022 of Las Vegas.

It is therefore the first official game for the new Sony headset and the first to come directly from PlayStation Studios . The announcement also came with a short trailer and a message from the director of the Guerilla Games studio, Jan-Bart Ven Beek, which you find in the video.

Unfortunately, the movie it's not very indicative in terms of what the gameplay will look like, but gives a great idea of ​​what kind of graphics we can expect. The PlayStation VR 2 (as you can see from its specs) will be a truly huge generational leap over its predecessor, and it's really exciting to see Sony push so hard on VR. Even if we don't know anything more about it Horizon Call Of The Mountain, except that the game will feature a completely new character. The fans, however, during their journey will meet Aloy and all the other characters already seen in the first chapter, with maybe someone from the second. The title is built specifically to harness the potential of the next-gen headset that will debut on PS5, allowing players to “immerse themselves further into the world of Horizon“. Unfortunately in the current state of affairs we don't have a launch window yet, but we believe that in all likelihood the title will be released as a kind of Killer App for the new PlayStation VR 2. The best thing is certainly to wait for the release of Horizon: Forbidden West, then cross your fingers and hope that more details will be released. Sony therefore continues to push a lot on this IP, which in one way or another is finding more and more support from fans. In fact, we recall that a very interesting comic has also been released from Horizon that explores the strong bond of friendship that unites the protagonist Aloy and the gruff Ered.
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