Horizon, confirmed the new online multiplayer game

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If there were so many doubts about what extent the new project could be Guerrilla Gamesafter the first two Horizon e Call of the Mountain that will arrive with PS VR2, it was precisely the Dutch studio that dispelled some of them thanks to gods job announcements appeared on their site: the new Horizon it will include online and be cooperative.

According to what is reported by the various recruitment announcements of the studio, the required figures would be a Lead World Designer, for an Lead Combat Designer, for an Senior Machine Combat Designer it's a Narrative Designer, and all accompanied by a parenthesis containing the wording “Online Project”.

Delving into the various announcements, it is clear that Guerrilla intends to “bringing the expansion of the Horizon universe to a multiplayer audience”. Not only that, because the announcement related to combat, we talk about “exciting combat with co-op elements”, it's still “the job will require you to draw multiple enemy cars facing multiple players”.

These are just some of the references that we have seen within the announcements, and many of these give definitive proof that the new Horizon game will be online and cooperative, but it is not clear whether both specifications will be exclusive, or if it will also be playable in single player offline. For this we will have to wait for more precise official statements.

Source: Guerrilla Games Via: Resetera
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