Horizon Forbidden West: A DLC would already be in development

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Horizon forbidden west has been in digital and physical stores around the world for about a week and there is already talk of the arrival of a potential DLC. This at least according to what was leaked by the VSC Rating Board which is responsible for evaluating the recommended age to play a certain title; in essence we are talking about one of the "administrators" of the much better known PEGI.

But let's go deeper into the news, since the leak of information, probably involuntary of VSC for the alleged DLC of Horizon Forbidden West, started from the video that we leave you at the bottom of this article. Within the video you can hear the commentator affirm to the minute 1:20 seconds:

The game offers players the opportunity to connect to an online store where (it is possible) to purchase subsequent expansions and DLCs

The VSC rapporteur then goes on to describe the why of the evaluation as PEGI 16 +, explaining the reasons such as on-screen violence and various and other issues have obviously raised the rating. From the words we quoted earlier then, it seems virtually confirmed the arrival of a possible DLC, and actually after the great success of Forbidden West it seems quite natural that something boils in the pot.

Check out our latest instalment of the VSC's Age Rating Guides. In this episode we look at Horizon Forbidden West, and explain why it received its age rating. Are there any games you would like us to cover in the future? Let us know! pic.twitter.com/3PSE840xcF

— VSC Rating Board (@GamesRatingUK) February 25, 2022


However, this presentation live for a future expansion it is however not to be considered as official, and it could be about also additional cosmetic elements for Aloy or who knows what other aesthetic additions, and not necessarily a mega expansion like in the case of Horizon Frozen Wilds. Consequently, as usual, we advise you to take each other with a grain of salt.

After all, however, Horizon Forbidden West has achieved considerable results, at this link we leave you our review dedicated to this fantastic title that left us overall really thrilled. This is despite some minor flaws regarding the quality of the secondary missions. However, we are talking about a title capable of taking the name of the Aloy saga to the highest levels and continuing a series of the highest level with regard to the PlayStation world.

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