Horizon Forbidden West: duration confirmed, there will be a lot to play

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Horizon Zero Dawn has allowed players to have fun for many hours, with a very interesting and well-calibrated duration for the open world by Guerrilla Games. And as for the duration of Horizon forbidden west instead? There is some good news, since an interview with GamePro, taken by Wccftech, has provided quite interesting answers in this regard.

Specifically, there is talk of a duration very similar to that of the first chapter, which can be completed in about 20 hours, with 5 more or less based on the style and skill of the players. Side missions roughly doubled the total, which tripled to over 60 hours for the Platinum Trophy on PS, and for completism on PC (here our review).

Obviously, we are talking about very approximate figures, which vary according to many factors, to the point that for those who want to run in their adventure they could get to halve them or almost, and those who want to take their time, study the lore and deepen every detail. experience, it may stick to the screen for much longer.

Considering the first details released regarding the history of the game, also deepened with a trailer that we talked about in this article, the first option will certainly not be discarded for many, which they will find themselves enjoying themselves for a long time to find out more about Aloy's affairs.

Obviously, despite the insights into the game that will arrive on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on February 18th there have been not a few (here an example), we do not yet know how the game will be able to entertain, although it is certain that we will see many secondary activities.

We look forward to finally being able to put our hand on everything, in the meantime, we refer you to our game sheet with all the details on Horizon Forbidden West, you can find it at this link.

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