Horizon Forbidden West: is the DLC close? A clue appears

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Fans of Horizon forbidden west they think that a DLC of the game would be in development and, since the popular game was released, many have wanted to extend their experience by a few hours.

A clue could be evidence of the actual arrival of a DLC. One of the actresses behind the protagonist Aloy, in fact, has revealed that she is ready to once again wear a complete mocap, that is a suit designed for motion capture, which records the movement of the human body and is used for the creation of special effects.

Peggy Vrijens, which contributed to the more action-heavy aspects of the motion capture di Aloy, recently posted a video on Instagram. Under the words “ready for some mocap action“, the actress wears a showy suit specially created, and it is known that her only appearance in video games was linked to the protagonist of Horizon Forbidden West. In another post, Peggy Vrijens appears along with actor Louis Van Beek, which contributed to the game. The two posts were enough to cause players to wonder if the pair are now involved in motion capture for a Horizon Forbidden West DLC.

Some fans actually think they have found another confirmation of the DLC's existence. Hidden in the corner of the game mapJust like the Frozen Wilds DLC in the first game in the series, you can see a mysterious castle which seems like the perfect place to continue Aloy's story. There is also the possibility that Vrijens and Van Beek have reunited for an entirely new project, unrelated to Horizon Forbidden West, but it seems rather unlikely.

It also seems unlikely that any DLC will follow the eight-month gap that separated Frozen Wilds from Horizon Zero Dawn, but new content may be in the works, ready to drop on the anniversary of the latest game in the series.

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