Horizon Forbidden West: no postponements, Guerrilla will respect the release date

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It has finally arrived, from the team of Guerrilla Games, the news that many were waiting for: Horizon forbidden west it's officially entered the Gold phase, which means the game is soon to be distributed.

The launch date of the PlayStation exclusive is February 18 2022. For all development teams, entering their work into the Gold phase is always an important moment. On the one hand we have the end of the project, on which we have given our best for years, and on the other we know that it is only a first goal. In fact, part of the theme will remain active to continue supporting Horizon Forbidden West with content, any DLCs, patches and so on.

The new adventure of Aloy it is, in any case, ready to be launched on the market and played by waiting fans. Guerrilla Games shared the news about his official channels and with a post on Twitter, to inform users of the good news.

Only yesterday had an important news about the title arrived. Horizon Forbidden West, in fact, prepares to keep players glued to the screen for an interesting amount of time, although one can only make rough estimates for Guerrilla's work. The open world will have a completable main campaign in about 20 hours, with a gap of 5 hours more or less according to the skill and choices of the individual player.

We have some exciting news for your all: Horizon Forbidden West has gone GOLD! ✨#HorizonForbiddenWest #RiseAboveOurRuin pic.twitter.com/oRHDtDlxTI

— Guerrilla (@Guerrilla) January 27, 2022

We also remember that, thanks to the secondary missions, in the previous chapter it was possible to stay and play others 60 hours, in order to reach the Platinum Trophy on PS. This could also be repeated for Horizon Forbidden West.

Furthermore, we remind you that new information regarding the title was shared last week, along with a new trailer. The video, published directly by Sony on official channels, focused on the narrative component, placing the accent on the events that will characterize Aloy's new journey.

In the trailer, particular emphasis is placed on threats that players will encounter during the game campaign, between powerful clans and mighty robotic machines with animalistic features.

After the news of the official completion of the works, a first taste of gameplay su PlayStation 4 Pro:

Now that the game is finally in the pipeline, we want to give you a first taste of the gameplay on the PS4 Pro console! Https: //t.co/NNV3QPlayx pic.twitter.com/rLs7dFPnJ3

— PlayStation Spagna (@PlayStationIT) January 27, 2022

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