Horizon Forbidden West: Sylens' actor anticipates the DLC

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Lance Reddick, the actor he plays Sylens in Horizon forbidden west, may have anticipated the arrival of a DLC for the Guerrilla open world adventure.

First introduced as a mysterious ally in Horizon Zero Dawn, Sylens is one of the most complex and fascinating characters in the franchise. In the first chapter he acts as a cool mentor to Aloy, guiding the young woman to discover the secrets of the old world. Sylens also has a dark past, which is further explored in Horizon Forbidden West

Rumors of a possible Horizon Forbidden West DLC they had already been around for several weeks and the aforementioned Lance Reddick, with his recent tweet, did nothing but add fuel to the fire.

Lance Reddick accidentally anticipated an upcoming expansion of Horizon Forbidden West on Twitter. The actor, known for his television roles in ​​Oz e Lost, he tweeted a short video of one motion capture session with a caption: “Hard work… in a session for Horizon Forbidden West“. Reddick quickly deleted the tweet in question, further supporting the idea of ​​having mistakenly leaked the arrival of a DLC.

While no expansion has been officially revealed yet, some believe a Horizon Forbidden West DLC is a perfect opportunity to relaunch the title in the public eye, since the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn it was partly overshadowed by Elden Ring, released a week later.

Sylens is one of the most cryptic figures in the series, so it's quite ironic that Lance Reddick may have been the one who anticipated this DLC. However, until the arrival of this expansion is officially announced by Sony and Guerrilla, what has been written so far for the moment it is the result of mere speculation.

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