Horizon may soon become an MMORPG

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Korean studio NCSoft e Sony they would be collaborating with the goal of creating a MMO set in the universe of Horizon. To give further confirmation to the news is certainly the current search for workers by NCSoft, which has opened some job positions related to a mysterious "Project H".

La software house has also released a statement, in which it states that revealing news regarding projects not yet published because they are in development is very complicated. Following an interview with the staff of Sony concerning these statements, it can be inferred that Guerrilla Games, studio owned by the Japanese house and creator of the franchise Horizon, which saw the second chapter of the series, Horizon: Forbidden West, arriving in gamers' homes this year, has always wanted to expand the universe of Horizon to the multiplayer, as evidenced by the fact that initially, for Horizon: Zero Dawn, a co-op mode was planned.

Last year Guerrilla Games has been looking for new staff members to work on an online game, but it is not known if the title was the new chapter of Horizon. The studio was looking for someone who could work on social interaction design within the project, to be able to create a guild system for players to explore together, as well as someone with extensive experience writing stories for titles open-world online.

Fonte: MTN Via: Videogames Chronicle
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