How to bio link on TikTok

How to bio link on TikTok

You are looking for a guide who will explain you how to bio link on TikTok? Very well, you found it! In this in-depth analysis we are going to show you the whole procedure to succeed in your intent.

This is not a long or complex procedure: in a few simple steps you will know what are the operations to carry out to put the link in bio within the social network TikTok. Here's all you need to do, happy reading!

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How to bio link on TikTok

How to bio link on TikTok

Have you recently become passionate about TikTok and want to discover more and more the features of the Chinese platform? Great, you are in the right place! In the next lines we will go to see in particular how to bio link on TikTok. In this way you can link any url that interests you, so as to refer to a web page.

So take a few minutes of free time: we are sure that, once you have finished reading the article, you will have a clearer picture of what you need to do. But no more delay, are you ready? Perfect, let's go!

Requirements for putting bio links on TikTok

In case you are looking for a tutorial to understand how to bio link on TikTok, then all you have to do is read the next lines. First of all, let's frame the phenomenon: we are undoubtedly talking about the social network of the moment. TikTok a platform allows its users to make short videos regarding different types.

The possibilities are so many: imitation of characters, TV series, choreography, musical performances and much more. On TikTok you can really indulge yourself, and among the various possibilities there is also that of inserting a link to a website, a social profile, a YouTube video or Spotify within your profile

Before going into the details of the procedure, it is first necessary to understand what are the requirements to be able to put a link in bio on TikTok. And basically there is one: to have more than 5000 followers. No further requirements are necessary: ​​now we can go and discover all the steps to be taken.

Procedure to put bio links on TikTok

So, if your account has more than 5000 followers, you can insert the link in bio in your profile. The steps to take are these, very simple and fast:

  • Go to the "Edit profile" section
  • Among the available options, there is also the “Website”: here you can add the link you want to attach in the bio

The steps are purely these two, you don't have to do anything else. It wasn't difficult, was it?

How to put bio links on TikTok: conclusions

You should now have a complete and comprehensive overview of how to bio link on TikTok. We just have to give you an appointment at the next one, in the hope that our guide has actually been of help. Soon!

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