How to buy Whatsapp. He cons

How to buy Whatsapp. He cons

With over a billion active users every month, WhatSapp is the most used application on your smartphone and therefore one of the favorite targets of hackser to spread malware and deceive users.

One of the scams most known concerns consists of a series of messages that warn the user that WhatsApp is about to expire or will soon become paid. Learn more about the scams on WhatsApp and how to buy WhatsApp in this article.


Periodically on WhatsApp messages similar to "Dear user, from next week each message sent on WhatsApp will cost € 0,01, in order not to pay you must confirm your account by clicking on this link". It is obviously about scams, we know well that WhatsApp is a free application and will remain so until it is the application itself, with official communications, to warn us otherwise.

Therefore, any message from friends or from unknown numbers that mentions the payment of WhatsApp must be considered an attempt to extort data or money and at the same time a scam.

It is essential never click on any links contained within the messages in order to avoid the download of dangerous malware on your devices.

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