How to change the "lid open action" in Windows 10

How to change the

Opening a laptop lid generally turns on the screen, and closing the lid should cause the screen to turn off. But you can change this setting on your device. Follow this article to change your laptop lid opening.

1. The easiest way to open the Run window is by pressing Tasto Windows + R.

2. copy-paste this command and press Pay in.

control.exe powercfg.cpl ,, 3

How to change the

3. Now, in the Power Options window, click on “Power buttons and cover“To expand it.

4. Now click on "Lid opening action"And then click"In the battery:And from the drop-down menu, select the setting you want to enable on your computer. You can also change the settings in "Connected:".

5. Now click on "Request"Y"all right".

How to change the

Once the settings are saved, close the Power Options window. Restart your device.

What to do if the lid open action is not present in the Power Options

If you can't find the "Lid opening action"In the Power Options window, follow these steps:

Solution 1: Use the powercfg command

If you still can't find the lid opening actions, try the steps below.

1. Press Tasto Windows + R key together to open a Run window.

2. Digita “cmd“Here and press CTRL + SHIFT + Enter key together to open command prompt with elevated privileges.

How to change the

2. copy Yup paste this command in System Symbol window and knock Pay in to run this command.

powercfg -attributes SUB_BUTTONS 99ff10e7-23b1-4c07-a9d1-5c3206d741b4 -ATTRIB_HIDE

How to change the

Now open the Power Options window and retry the steps. You should be able to change what it does when you open the laptop lid.

Fix 2 - Reset the default settings in the power options

Just open the Power Options again and click Restore Defaults.

How to change the

Solution 3: Use the registry editor

1. Press Tasto Windows + R together to open the registry editor.

2. Now write regedit on it and click OK to open the registry editor.

How to change the

3. Once the Registry Editor is open, click File and then Export to create a backup first.

Now go to the path given below.


4. Now on the right side, double click on Attributes and change the value data to 2.

How to change the

Now click OK and close the registry.

Note: - For lenovo users

Just start your PC and keep pressing the F2 button (or whatever the dedicated key is to enter the BIOS) and go to the BIOS.

To locate Flip to start Yup Disable That.

How to change the

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