How to change your Disney + email address or password

How to change your Disney + email address or password

Whether you've changed your email address or want to use a more secure password, it's easy to adjust these account settings in Disney +. We will show you how.

You probably know the importance of having a strong password. But have you also considered the need to change that password periodically? This is especially true if you reuse passwords; ideally, have a unique one for each service. Some Disney + subscribers found this the hard way when their credentials were leaked by a third party due to password reuse between services.

You may also need to update your Disney + email address. Maybe you've moved to a new email provider or are getting rid of an old email address for something more professional.

Either way, it's easy to update both your Disney + email address and password (your login credentials) and we'll show you how.

How to change your email and password on Disney +

Whether you want to change your email address or password on Disney +, you must have access to the email address currently registered on your account. This is because you will be sent a one-time passcode to confirm your identification.

You can change these details via the Disney + website or mobile app, as you prefer.

  • On the desktop, switch il mouse on the profile picture top right. On mobile, tap your profile picture bottom right.
  • Select Bill .
  • Select the pencil icon next to your email address or password, whichever you want to change.
  • This will activate a one-time passcode for your email. Enter this in the field. The passcode can only be used once and will expire 15 minutes after receipt.
  • Enter your new email address or password.
  • Select Save.
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