How to choose a gaming keyboard

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An gaming setup it has so many different components. CPU, RAM and GPU are fundamental choices, as is the motherboard or SSD memory. Equally important, however, are also the ideal peripherals for video games, such as monitors, mice, headphones and keyboards.
Ma How to choose the perfect gaming keyboard for your needs? Let's see it in this guide!

Mechanical or membrane keyboard?

If you are looking for one gaming keyboard, you must know that there are two large types to choose from. On the one hand there are the classic membrane keyboards. They are quite silent and cost relatively little, even in the case of models designed for gaming. However, they have functions that are too basic for professional gamers and don't offer great performance in competitive gaming.

On the other hand, the mechanical keyboards are the ideal solution if:

  • you need additional features, such as USB passthrough or management software;
  • do you want to customize the mechanical switches to use;
  • you're generally looking for better gaming performance.

Mechanical switches and keyboard layout

The switches for mechanical keyboard in particular, they allow you to choose a whole series of characteristics that adapt to your style of play. Tactile feedback and audible feedback, the ability to activate the key after a few millimeters, smooth or more jerky movement, and so on. The important thing is to have the possibility of choice, which is something that a membrane keyboard does not give. Finally, the gaming keyboard layout.

In fact, in addition to the mechanical or membrane structure, it also counts:

  • the number of keys on the keyboard;
  • the language of the layout, for example the Spanish one is QWERTY;
  • the presence of macro keys to which to assign different functions.

Wireless or wired keyboard?

Another big question: better one tastiera da gaming wireless or with wire? The decision is not simple, and each of the two alternatives has both pros and cons.
On the one hand, the wireless keyboards they are now much more reliable and very fast. On the other hand, however, wired gaming keyboards are still unsurpassed when you consider the reliability of the connection and the absence of batteries. Plus, they often have one too porta USB passthrough which will allow you to connect a gaming mouse without having to reach the case.

Gaming keyboard hardware specifications

Under the body of a gaming keyboard there are the hardware components that are directly responsible for performance during your sessions.
From this point of view, you will have to make sure you choose a model that has:

  • high values ​​of poll rate, i.e. the frequency of sending input to the computer;
  • high values ​​of anti-ghosting, so that the system recognizes all keystrokes;
  • an internal memory to save the game profiles or key customizations.


As you have seen, there are a few things to pay attention to when choosing a gaming keyboard that suits your needs. Remember that you will also have to consider your available budget, which will guide your choice towards one model or another. For gaming keyboards or, in general, on the IT world, you can find dedicated guides and reviews on the portal.

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