How to create a full backup in Windows 11

How to create a full backup in Windows 11

A full Windows backup is useful when your critical files crash. Although Windows has come a long way since its invention, it's nowhere near perfect, even with Windows 11.

Indeed, a Windows 11 PC is as susceptible to occasional disappointments as it was in Windows 10. You therefore need to have a full backup, in case things go wrong. Here's how you can get started with a full Windows backup.

How to use Windows Backup and Restore on Windows 11

Through the Backup and Restore method, you can create an image of the entire system and files of your PC. You can store that backup on an external drive or in network folders.

Here's how you can get started:

  • Go to the search bar of the Start menu , type "control panel" and select the best match.
  • From there, select System and security.
  • click on File history.
  • Click on the option System image backup from the left.
  • Select Create a system image and check the Radio box on hard drive.
  • Click the drop-down menu and choose the external drive.

Now that you've chosen your destination, click NEXT . Choose an additional drive where you want to store the backup and select Start backup to start the backup process.

A full backup of your Windows files will be created in minutes. And, as soon as the backup is completed, you will be prompted to create a system repair disk.

A system repair disc is a troubleshooting approach for fixing problems in Windows settings and programs. It works by restoring system settings at a specific time and getting everything back on track.

Click on No to remove the hard drive and you're good to go.


A Windows backup is your security solution to survive sudden data loss and system file corruption. All you need is a healthy external drive with enough space, and you can create a full Windows backup at any time.

But keep in mind that a backup is only one of the solutions needed to make Windows work well; there are other things that shouldn't be overlooked, like a clean boot, regular scan, and so on.

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