How to create a room in Google Chat

How to create a room in Google Chat

There are two ways to create a virtual room on Google Chat: the Google Chat page or convert a group chat. Here's how to do both.

Create a room on Google Chat via Google Chat

To create a room, open and click the + button next to Chats or Rooms. Then, select Create a room , type the name of your favorite room and the name or email of a person or group you want to invite.

At the top left of the pop-up, you can click the + button next to the emoji to customize the room avatar. If left unchanged, the default first letter icon of the room name will be used.

Finally, select Crea and wait for Google Chat to generate the room for you.

Create a room on Google Chat from a group chat

If you already have a group chat with your teammates, you can easily turn it into a chat room on Google Chat. To do this, open the group chat and press the down arrow button next to the group name.

From here, select Turn this chat into a virtual room . Then, select your room avatar and type the room name before selecting Done.

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