How to create an Instagram account

How to create an Instagram account The most popular social network at the moment: Instagram

Instagram, the very famous social network of images, is increasingly popular with users thanks to the ability it gives users to customize the photos and videos they post. If you are not yet part of this social network, and you do not know how to do it, follow this very simple guide.

Steps to create an Instagram account

The first step to be able to register on Instagram is to download the application on your smartphone. Then you will have to go to the App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store, depending on whether the device in question is an iPhone, an Android phone or a Windows Phone and search Instagram through the appropriate search bar. Once found, download it as well by pressing the Download button and go back to the main menu of your phone.
Start the social application and once the home screen has opened, click on the item "Do not have an account? Subscribe" positioned at the bottom.
Enter your email address or your phone number to register by clicking on the "Subscribe" item and fill in the field that is proposed to you.
Go ahead and enter your full name and choose a password to log into Instagram later. Also set a photo that can identify you and press "Next" and set a username that you want to use on the social network (it can clearly also be a different one from your name and surname).

How to create an Instagram account

You will then have created your Instagram account.
If, on the other hand, you decide not to enter a phone number or an email to register, you can register via Facebook; in this way the procedure is always the same: you will have to set your profile picture and username as indicated above.
Now all you have to do is follow your friends and let them follow you and publish your best photos!

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