How to create polls on Facebook. Guide and advice

How to create polls on Facebook. Guide and advice

How to create Facebook polls from a PC, smartphone or tablet

Facebook surveys are now a widespread and well-known means, a relatively simple, fast and often very useful way to get some order on certain topics within your circle of friends.
They can be used to take collective decisions and / or for ca (r) pire tastes and trends but obviously also for pure pleasure.

Facebook surveys can be created both from PCs and from smartphones and tablets (in the latter case with some special precautions: for example, on the iPad it is necessary to download a separate App).
Let's find out how to create polls on facebook in our article.

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How to create polls on Facebook: customize the response options

In general, creating a Facebook survey is an easy and quick operation: on InfoDrones we will try to give you some advice helpful on how to set them up.

In the box "write something"Of Facebook - clearly visible at the top of the layout - you will also find the item"Create survey". Once the number of people to be involved has been established, the game is practically done since it will be enough to follow the steps well illustrated by the social network itself. In fact, you will see the entry "Ask for something"Followed by the entry"Add response options".

How to create polls on Facebook. Guide and advice

In this sense, then we move on to the details: you will have to decide whether to allow the users involved to be able to choose multiple answers at the same time and if the public will be able to add further response options in turn.

Remember: there are potentially no time or response limits; and you can cancel your survey at any time. In short - whether you use it for work or just for fun - you can personalize as you see fit your Facebook survey.

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