How to create stickers on WhatsApp for iPhone

How to create stickers on WhatsApp for iPhone

You are looking for a guide that will explain you in detail how to create stickers on WhatsApp for iPhone? Very well, you found it! In this tutorial we are going to explain in detail the procedure to be carried out to succeed in your intent. It is not anything particularly long or complex: in a few simple steps you will have reached the goal you have set for yourself. So take five minutes of free time: once you have finished reading, you will have a clearer picture of what you need to do. Are you ready? Perfect, let's go!

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How to create stickers on WhatsApp for iPhone

How to create stickers on WhatsApp for iPhone

Recently you could not fail to notice how many stickers are shared on WhatsApp, between groups and single chats. Therefore, if you have come across this guide, you will have said to yourself: why not create a personalized package of these nice pictures? The good news is that it can all be done! In fact, you can create cute personalized stickers using the iPhone you own directly, perhaps with your face or with objects dear to you.

Now I have officially intrigued you, right? So you are wondering how to create stickers on WhatsApp for iPhone. Before going into detail, it is good to state one thing, and that is that there are two ways to succeed in the "business": using the official procedure, or by relying on some third-party apps. But let's not dwell further: happy reading!

Official procedure to create stickers on WhatsApp for iPhone

Let's start with the traditional method, namely the creating an app in which to attach your personalized sticker package, and then publish it in the app store. Once published there, it can be downloaded by everyone and everyone can send the stickers contained within it via WhatsApp. First you have to prepare the images you want to turn into stickers: among the requirements that each image must have, we remember it transparent background, a resolution equal to 512 x 512 pixel and one size less than 100 kb.

For image editing we recommend using GIMP, free program available for Windows and MacOS. Once installed, start the program and start using it by opening the “File” menu at the top left, then select the “New” item to create a new image. A window will open, where you will need to enter 512 in the Width and Height fields, then click on the "Ok" button. Perfect, now you are ready to create your sticker: create the sticker design, and once finished click on File> Export.

If, on the other hand, you intend to transform an existing image into a sticker, all you have to do is import it into a new GIMP document by clicking on File> Open at the top left and select the image you are interested in. After that you will have to enter the various requirements: write 512 in the Height and Width fields to set the image to the appropriate resolution, then set the transparency of the background and export the image as previously mentioned.

Once this is done, all you have to do is create an app and publish it on the App Store. To do this you need to have an Apple developer account (costs $ 99 per year). Once the app is created, you can entertain everyone with your stickers! Really exciting, right?

App to create stickers for WhatsApp on iPhone

However, if the traditional procedure does not convince you and you do not intend to create an app for iOS, the simplest solution is to rely on some third-party apps to create stickers on WhatsApp directly on the iPhone. There are several free and extremely intuitive to use, among these we point out Sticker Studio and StickerMaker.

Let's start with Studio Decal, app available only on Android to take or import images and turn them into a sticker. To use it you have to choose the photo from the library, draw the outline you have chosen and click on Share. However, there are limitations: before it can actually be used on WhatsApp, your set must consist of at least three images, and you have a maximum of 10 packs that you can make for free (that's 30 stickers in total).

stickermaker it is instead available on both Android and iOS, and also offers the user the possibility to create a pack of stickers to use on WhatsApp. It only takes a few steps to succeed and each pack can contain up to 30 stickers. It is a completely free app, with no in-app purchases and with a few advertisements inside.

How to create stickers on WhatsApp for iPhone: conclusions

You should now have a complete and comprehensive overview of how to create stickers on WhatsApp for iPhone. We hope that our guide has been useful to you and that you may have found the solution to all your doubts. We just have to wish you good luck for everything, see you next time!

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