How to Delete Facebook Account | Simplified guide

How to Delete Facebook Account | Simplified guide

How to delete Facebook account (GUIDE)

Doesn't the world of social media belong to you? If after "trying" to join Facebook you realized that it is not for you, find out in this guide how to delete Facebook account.

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How to Delete Facebook Account: Steps

How to Delete Facebook Account? First of all, log in by entering your credentials (e-mail and password). Click on the arrow icon located at the top right and select the item Settings give the menu to compare.

Well, select the item Your information on Facebook, and click on the link Immagine related to the option Delete your account and information. Press on the button Delete my account and enter the password you use to log into your Facebook profile. It also reports the security code displayed in the center of the screen in the field Enter your text here and click on the button OK. At this point you will receive a message warning you that your account has been removed forever.

Remember that your profile data will remain online for 14 days. In this time you can cancel your account cancellation request. Simply log back into Facebook using your login details.
Photos, status updates, or other data stored on backup systems may remain active for up to 90 days.

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