How to delete Instagram in a few steps

How to delete Instagram in a few steps Do you know how to delete Instagram in a few steps?

Isn't the social network created to take, edit and publish photos for you? Have you changed your mind and want to unsubscribe from Instagram? If you don't know how to delete instagram in a few steps, read this guide.

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How to delete Instagram in a few steps

Do not know how to delete instagram? All you have to do is connect to this page: and select, from the appropriate drop-down menu, the reason why you have decided to delete yourself from the social network.

Among the available options you will find: I want to remove something, Privacy concerns, I created another account, Too many listings, Too busy / distracting me too much, Unable to find people to follow, Starting problems, Other.

At this point you will have to enter your Instagram password and then press the red button that says Delete my account permanently to permanently unsubscribe from Instagram.

Now delete your application on your smartphone as well!

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