How to delete searches made on Google

How to delete searches made on Google

Corona virus, US elections, classroom, new dpcm, Diego Armando Maradona, how to make bread at home, amuchina, Serie A championship and so on.

These are some of the main items that Google has covered in its search engine in 2020 in Spain.

If we too have searched, one or more times, for something that we were interested in knowing or deepening, it may have happened that, upon entering the first letter for a new search, the text of a previous exploration appeared, which now remains unwanted or even annoying.

It is possible, however, to overcome this problem and delete the archive of researches already carried out from time to time, or from time to time.

Deleting searches on Google is a fairly simple procedure and in this article, our purpose will be precisely to clarify how to do it, both for computers, smartphones and tablets.

How to clear Google searches

Meanwhile, it must be said that, if we delete our google search, or from a computer, or a tablet, or a smartphone, the result will be the same: we will eliminate it, in fact, from all devices.

The history is stored on Google's servers and not on your device.

How to clear Google searches from your PC

Let's start by seeing how to delete searches from Google from a computer:

  • connect to the main web page of,
  • press the Go to your Google account button, at the top right,
  • enter the access data to log into the account.

We will return to the management section of our account:

  • press on the Data and privacy tab from the side menu,
  • from the new screen go to the History Settings section,
  • Click on the Web and App Activity item to access the history management section.

To completely disable the recording functionality of the searches we carry out, you need to:

  • move the lever next to Web and app activity to OFF.

If we want to delete only the contents registered by Google, do this:

  • press the Auto Elimination key,
  • set the cancellation of the recorded activity automatically,
  • create a minimum data retention time interval (3 months, 18 months or 36 months).

You can also opt for manual deletion:

  • press on the item Manage the activity to view the list of all our explorations carried out, in chronological order,
  • use the appropriate Search in your activities box to type in one or more specific search element terms to be deleted,
  • or use the Filter by date and product button to filter the list by date or type of service.

Identified the element to be deleted:

  • press the X icon next to it,
  • confirm the operation by clicking Delete.

To delete multiple items based on a set filter:

  • click on the Delete button next to the filter button,
  • confirm the operation by tapping on Delete.

How to clear Google searches: Android

We now explain how to delete Google searches from an Android smartphone or tablet, using the web browser or the Google app.

If we want to proceed from the browser on our smartphone or tablet, we can very well follow the procedures seen so far, relating to deleting Google searches from a computer: the steps to be taken are the same.

If, to clear searches, we want to use from:

  •  start it. The app is already pre-installed and is located in the drawer or on the Home Screen,
  • if we do not find it, you can try to search inside the Google folder.

Once the app starts:

  • press on the thumbnail of the account, located in the upper left part of the screen,
  • tap on the Search History item,
  • we will go directly to the management section of the searches saved on our Google account.

The method of use of this section is identical to that accessible from the browser, also in this case you can proceed:

  • with the manual deletion of single data or groups of them,
  • with automatic deletion of data older than a predetermined time interval.

How to clear Google searches from iPhone

Let's now use an iPhone or an iPad, proceeding from the browser, acting as we have already seen, or using the Google app.

  • The app is not pre-installed on the device and we have to,
  • press the Get button,
  • unlock download and installation via Face ID, Touch ID or Apple ID password.

Done this:

  • start the app via its icon on the Home Screen,
  • log in from our Google account.

On the main screen:

  • press on the thumbnail of the profile, at the top,
  • click on the heading Your data in Search.
  • the search management section will be shown,
  • press on the items It is saved in Web and App Activities> Manage activities, in order to manually delete the search data,
  • or set the automatic deletion function for data older than a specific time interval. As already seen in the chapter on Android.

How to clear searches on Google Chrome

Another possibility is to delete the Google searches, synchronized in our account, by deleting the browsing history carried out by the Chrome browser and, therefore, also all the searches made, using this search engine.

To clear Google searches from Chrome browser history:

  • access the History section of your web browsers, the icon with the three dots,
  • with the synchronization of browsing data, the history of Chrome, or of another browser, will be deleted not only from the device from which we are acting, but also from all other connected devices.

How to clear searches on Google Maps

The searches we carry out on Google Maps are also saved on the Google account and are conveyed to the same section and, therefore, easy to delete the history.

It is necessary:

  • go to the section on web and app activity,
  • set the search filter on the Maps service,
  • identify all searches made through Google Maps,
  • delete them manually or by whole group.
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