How to detect keyloggers on any computer

How to detect keyloggers on any computer

Keyloggers are dangerous programs that hackers install on any system to track passwords, credit card details, etc. It stores every keystroke of the person using the computer and somehow provides hackers with some of your most important information. Some friends even install keylogger programs just for the simple act of hacking Facebook password, etc. In any case, if you are using a computer that has a keylogger installed, you run a serious risk of losing confidential information which can even lead to financial losses. Even if it's your computer, it's possible that some creepy friends of yours have used it with malicious intent to steal your data.

Below is a sample txt file generated by the keylogger and you can easily see what capacity it has to extract what you type to your PC.

How to detect keyloggers on any computer

Some people say that the keylogger is easy to find by looking for .txt files in program files, but this is not true. The hacker may have deleted it after sending it online. File formats can also be changed.

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How to detect if a keylogger is installed on my system?

Here I am giving you simple and easy to use steps to detect any keylogger software installed on your PC.

First of all, open the command prompt.

How to detect keyloggers on any computer

Now type the following command given below in the CMD window and hit enter.

netstat -ano

How to detect keyloggers on any computer

After pressing Enter, various things will appear at the command prompt.

How to detect keyloggers on any computer

You will now receive the data in 5 columns. We are only concerned with the last two columns. You have to write them PID whose state is settled.

Here in the screenshot above I have noted two PIDs it says set, the first was 1048 and the second was 2500.

Now the PIDs may differ in your case and you should write down your PID yourself for further checking.

Now open your task manager and go to the details tab.

How to detect keyloggers on any computer

Now we can clearly see explorer.exe with ID 1048. Since it is an important system service, we can easily say that it is an essential and safe program.

Now when I went back and tried to figure out the process with PID 2500.

How to detect keyloggers on any computer

I found that nvstreamsvc.exe is running. Since I didn't know what it was used for, I first opened the file location and also did a Google search for the file name.

What I found is that it was a necessary program for games and was installed by nvidia for graphics. It was also safe, but since I didn't need it, I uninstalled it. It turns out that my computer was not infected with a keylogger program.

If your computer got infected with keylogger software, follow the above steps and check for yourself. Feel free to comment on your experience or any other important results you find. I am more than happy to answer your questions.

Alternative ways to be safe from unverified keyloggers

If you are unsure and don't mind checking whether or not the keylogger is installed on the PC you are using every time, try using the online keyboard to enter passwords. It is a safe keylogger method. They cannot monitor mouse activity. You can also opt for various login methods for added protection by allowing third party devices such as phones or usb.

Another good form of security is to use safe mode with networks. Safe mode with networks only allows Windows system files to run and stops everything else. This is a good way to use your Windows computer if you want to play it safe. Although Safe Mode is used to debug and repair the system, this is also one of its great functionalists that most people choose to ignore.

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