How to embed fonts in a Microsoft Word document

How to embed fonts in a Microsoft Word document

How to embed fonts in a Microsoft Word document. If you use a custom font (other than Word embedded fonts) in your document, embedding those fonts ensures that anyone viewing the document views it the way you want.

If you've ever opened a Microsoft Word document with a custom font that you didn't embed, you know that Microsoft Word changes the custom font to the default font setting. This change can compromise the layout of the document and make it sloppy and difficult to read. It's possible embed custom fonts in your Microsoft Word document to make sure it retains the formatting when you send it to someone else. Embedding fonts makes document file sizes a little larger, but it's worth it in some situations.

How to embed a custom font in Microsoft Word document

  • In an open document, go to the menu "File" up.
  • In the sidebar that opens, click the command "Options".
  • In the Word Options window, click on the category "Save".
  • On the right, select the checkbox "Embed fonts in the file".
  • Check the box "Embed only the fonts used in the document (the best way to reduce file size) ". Choosing this option means that Word embeds a font only if it is used in the document. If you do not select this option, Word embeds all fonts on the system in the file, even if they are not used.
  • You must leave selected "Do not embed common system fonts". This option also reduces the file size because it does not incorporate common system fonts.
  • Click on "OK" to save the settings.

Now the fonts you used in your document are embedded in the file, and your document will look its best when someone sees it.

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