How to enable Google Chrome's Windows 11 Experimental Mode

How to enable Google Chrome's Windows 11 Experimental Mode

With the latest version of Chrome, Google has added some experimental new features to its popular browser for Windows. Chrome 96 now features a Windows 11 mode that allows you to use Windows 11-style menus wherever possible.

If you want to match the look of your browser to your desktop, here's how to enable Google Chrome's Windows 11 Experimental Mode.

Turn on Google Chrome's Windows 11 Experimental Mode

The Windows 11-style Menu feature is available on Chrome 96 and later. To check your version of Chrome, click Menu (three dots) in the upper right corner and go up Help> About Google Chrome.

Chrome will automatically check and install if new updates are available. After installing the update, follow these steps to enable Windows 11 Experimental Mode in Chrome.

  • Launch Chrome, type chrome :/ / flags in the address bar and press Enter. The page will open Experiments .
  • In the search box, type Windows 11 .
  • From the search results, click the menu drop-down for Windows 11 Style Menus set it su Enabled .
  • Click the Restart to restart the browser.

Currently, the design cues in Chrome are subtle, and you may not notice much difference aside from the rounded corners for the context menu, pop-up screens, etc.

However, on Edge, also based on the Chromium platform, Microsoft has updated it to use elements of Fluent Design, including transparency effects. The new visual updates are set as default with visible changes to the context menu, pop-up screen, and Settings menu.

That said, this feature is still under development for the browser and we will likely see new changes in upcoming updates by default.

In addition to the experimental design changes, the Chrome 96 update also offers backward caching support for better website navigation, improved PWAs, site-wide dark theme mode, and the ability to set custom zoom levels. for different websites.

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