How to enable metered connection in Windows 10

How to enable metered connection in Windows 10

December 18, 2015 Of Directors

In recent times, there has been a growing demand for the internet around the world. This has given Internet Service Providers (ISPs) a boost. The ISP has now imposed the Fair Use Policy (FUP) on its users. According to the rules of FBD, a user is limited to a certain speed in a data limit. As soon as the user exceeds the limited data usage, the speed drops to a lower data transfer rate. For example, if a user has a 10GB FBD at 8Mbps, they can only use the speed up to 10GB, after which it would drop to 512kbps or the speed mentioned by the ISP.
To increase the data transfer speed, the user has to pay additional fees to get the maximum speed. To overcome this limited use scenario, Microsoft came up with the idea of Network connections measured in Windows 10If you have access to unlimited data usage without any reduction in speed, Windows 10 will use the significant amount of data, but in case of limited usage related to the drop in data transfer speeds, set up a metered connection It will allow you to measure the amount of data usage and make the necessary changes to preserve data usage for a longer period of time.

How to enable metered connection in Windows 10

Click the Start button and click “settings” or press the Windows key + i to open the settings directly. This will open the System Settings app.

How to enable metered connection in Windows 10

Go to the "Network and Internet" section. In the Wi-Fi section, you will see the name of the network you are currently connected to.

How to enable metered connection in Windows 10
To change the current network as a metered connection, click "Advanced Options" at the bottom of the section.
Change “Set as metered connection” to “ON” by activating.

How to enable metered connection in Windows 10
The Wi-Fi network will now function as a metered connection.

Note: - If you want to turn it off again, turn it off again.

What happens during a metered connection?

When you change the network settings from "Unlimited" to "Metering", the following changes are made:

  1. Turn off automatic Windows Update downloads.
    No update other than the priority update is installed. In this way, the user has more control over necessary and unnecessary updates.
  2. Disable downloading of app updates from the Windows store.
    Apps in the Windows Store will not update in the background until the user allows it. Desktop applications will remain ineffective with this feature.
  3. Turn off peer-to-peer charging.
    Stop sharing files stored on one PC with the other PC over the Internet.
  4. Disable the Live Tiles feature.
  5. Synchronization of offline files stops. Companies like Dropbox, OneDrive allow the sync feature via the cloud, but setting up a metered connection lacks this feature.

Which connection should be made as a metered connection?

As explained above, if your ISP charges based on the amount of data used, you need to set the network connection as a metric. In Windows 10, Wi-Fi settings are configured for an unlimited connection and mobile data is configured for metered connection. If you are working on a data package plan on your smartphone or mobile hotspot, you can set it to Pay as you go. In addition to this, it is also possible to measure the connection in case of network congestion caused by downloading content in the background in Windows 10. The measured connection is only applicable on a Wi-Fi network or a mobile data connection. It does not currently support wired Ethernet connections.

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