How to end up in trend on Instagram | Practical Guide

How to end up in trend on Instagram | Practical Guide

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How to end up in trend on Instagram (GUIDE)

Are you intrigued by the Explore section of Instagram and would you like your posts to end there too but you don't know what to do? Well, keep in mind some little tips we will give you to understand how to end up in trend on Instagram.

How to end up in trend on Instagram: Steps

How to finish on the page explore on Instagram?
We make it clear from the outset that immediate results cannot be obtained. It is a job that can take weeks, if not months, before it is effective.

Let's see together what to do to achieve this your goal:

Create your own niche

You will have to focus on a certain target, without losing sight of the attempt to become an authority in that specific sector.
One tip is to always show your skills by trying to dispense advice and suggestions to your followers.


Videos have a better chance of ending up on Instagram's Explore page. This happens because they are able to attract users. If your goal is to enter Instagram's Explore, therefore, focus on this type of multimedia content and take advantage of every opportunity to shoot a movie. One of those pieces of content may be the right one that will allow you to appear in Explore and see your follower and view counters grow rapidly.

Involvement first of all

It seems obvious but not everyone does it: you will need to interact with your followers and stimulate engagement and conversation. In the captions of the videos and photos you ask questions to the followers, trying to “induce” them to write a few sentences between the comments, so as to be able to start a dialogue.
Get likes, the more you get, the more popular you can be.

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