How to find live on TikTok

How to find live on TikTok

You want to understand how to find live on TikTok? Well, you are in the right place: follow our guide and you will have a clearer picture to succeed in your intent.

TikTok is certainly the most popular social network of the moment. It is a Chinese platform that has exploded onto the market in recent years, registering a resounding and global success. It might remember - only in part - Instagram but it is based solely on sharing short videos of a few seconds and an extremely varied topic. It sweeps with ease from choreography to dubbing, passing through any form of disclosure.

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How to find live on TikTok

How to find live on TikTok

Have you recently signed up for TikTok but still haven't understood all the internal mechanisms of the social network? One of the issues on which clarifications are often asked is those related to the so-called "live". What is it about? Let's take a step back: we said earlier that mostly gods are shared on TikTok videos of short duration and various topics.

To these, however, must also be added the aforementioned live or live streaming content where you obviously have the time to develop discussions and comment on the posts of the various users. If you are reading this article you have probably already found yourself in the situation of following a live of this type with some interest.

A common mistake is that while listening to a live one ends - without thinking too much - to update the feed in search of other posts and suggestions: this however involves the "loss", or rather the interruption, of the live one you are listening to. At that point, however, the aforementioned live will obviously have been replaced in your TikTok feed by other content. How to recover it at this point? How to find live on TikTok once the vision is temporarily interrupted? Is there a special section? The answer is yes, but let's go in order.

If you have found yourself in this situation, do not worry, it is not a problem with your computer or a bug in the App: let's try to understand together, step by step, how to solve the situation in a few simple steps. In this small guide to the search for live shows on TikTok we will give useful information:

  • whether you are using the social network from your smartphone (Android or iOS)
  • whether you are in the habit of using it from a PC

How to find live on TikTok from smartphone

In this case, first of all - it seems obvious but not always it is - you must make sure that you have entered the App correctly after entering your credentials obtained during registration. At this point you will immediately realize that it is simply a matter of carefully observing the elements present on the homepage screen.

To retrieve the live you were looking for in the meantime you have to keep in mind that there is a special section dedicated to this type of content: it is located in the upper left corner and is represented by an icon with the word "Live". It doesn't get more intuitive than that. In this section you will find all the live shows gathered together and you can decide which ones to interact with from time to time (we specify that you are not necessarily required to interact, you can assist even just as a simple spectator).

It is the same identical principle and the same methods of the other two sections of the social network, namely the "For you" section and the "Followed" section. At this point it should be clear to you that the interactions are also the same: once you have identified the live show you are interested in, you can use the “Add comment” option, write your thought and send it by pressing the airplane icon.

There is an even more specific option that involves sending a specific question to the presenter of the live (therefore not a comment intended as your consideration but a real question posed to whoever conducts the speech). Also in this very intuitive way, just press the "Send" button.

There are two other useful features to point out: one to follow the profile hosting the live in question and the other to forward it to aother users. For the first, you will find the "Follow" button directly and from that moment on you will be able to see all the contents published by that user's profile; for the second one you will have to press the arrow icon at the bottom right and then select the people to forward the virtual conversation to.

How to find live on TikTok from PC

How to find live on TikTok

What changes if you approach the issue from the screen of the PC and not from that of the smartphone? A little. First of all, however, you must always make sure that you have logged into your profile correctly. Then, the “Live” section is also in this case visible in an intuitive way: you will find it on the left sidebar.

At this point on the screen you will only see Live video previews and you can be inspired by your choice. There is also another item which is "Known presenters“: Here you will see the live shows of the presenters you already follow or have already viewed previously. Also pay attention to the section "Suggested presenters”Where you can find useful advice about users who deal with content identified by the algorithm as potentially interesting in relation to your tastes expressed previously.

Once you have found the live show you are interested in, how do you interact with it? Well, you need to press the "live-chat”To be able to interact in real time with the presenter and with other users connected at that moment. Just press the "Add comment" button and express your thoughts (it is recommended, always with respect). Even from a PC, if you have enjoyed the live experience found, it is advisable to press the "Follow" button to continue to see the contents of the presenter you have listened to.

Now you should have a clearer idea about the use of the social network and the how to find live on TikTok to follow. We just have to give you an appointment at the next one, see you soon! Here is a guide that might be for you: Best TikTok Hashtags

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