How to get YouTube Premium Free

How to get YouTube Premium Free

You stai chiedendo how to get YouTube Premium for free? Very well, we are here to give you all the information: in this tutorial we will explain the procedure to get the paid version of the social video and music completely free. These are not long or complex operations: in a few simple steps you will have succeeded in your intent. But no delay: let's go!

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How to get YouTube Premium for free

Before starting with the actual steps we must make some necessary premises and clarifications. Meanwhile, it is good to know that YouTube Premium is a paid service that allows you to use YouTube Music Premium and to view the contents on the social network without any kind of advertising, in addition to the fact that you also have the possibility to download the videos. How much? € 11,99 per month for the single pass and € 17,99 per month for the family pass (which can be used by up to six family members).

How to get YouTube Premium Free

YouTube Premium can be used from PCs, smartphones or tablets and iPhones using the platform's official app and the one created specifically for YouTube Music. Having said that, the necessary clarification that we must make is that at the moment there is no legal system to use the service for free. The only thing you can do is activate the initial free 30-day trial: if you have never used the service, you can activate it and at the end decide in total freedom whether to suspend the subscription or continue.

Having made all these clarifications, now we can see how to get YouTube Premium for free, that is the procedure to activate the free trial month. Please note: A Google account is always required to use YouTube Premium and / or YouTube Music. Enjoy the reading!

Computer procedure

Open the browser you usually use and go to the official YouTube Premium web page. At this point click on the button "Try it for free”(You can find it in the center): if you want to try the family subscription click on“ You can also save with a Family subscription ”. Now, after logging back into your Google account, you may see some screens where you will need to provide required tax information. Then click on Continue.

It is not certain that you will be asked, but if you have to enter the payment method to be associated with your account, choose the one that suits you most between credit / debit card or PayPal. If you have already provided this info previously, you will not be asked (the same goes for tax data). To conclude, click on "Buy Now".

Once the 30 day free trial period is over, per turn off YouTube Premium auto-renewal you have to go to the YouTube home page, click on your photo at the top right, choose the item "Paid subscriptions" and locate the item "YouTube Premium". Here select "Unsubscribe", and after explaining the reasons for your choice click on "Next" and select the item "Yes, cancel".

Procedura da smartphone Android e tablet

If, on the other hand, you intend to proceed from an Android smartphone, you must first download and install the YouTube app (assuming you don't already have it). Once this is done, open it and log in with your Google account (most of the time you are already automatically authenticated). Now press on your photo at the top right of the screen and tap on "Passa a YouTube Premium“, And then click on“ Try it for free ”. You can decide to activate the free trial on a family subscription by pressing “You can also save with a family subscription”.

How to get YouTube Premium Free

After entering tax information and payment method (if you have not done so previously), click on the "Buy" button. The procedure for deactivating automatic renewal is practically identical to the one we have indicated for PC.

Procedure from iPhone and iPad

Exactly like for Android smartphones, if you are using an iPhone you still have to download the official YouTube app, only in this case you have to go to the App Store instead of the Play Store (unless you have already installed the social network on your device). Open the app and log into your Google account if you haven't already. Once authenticated, press on your photo at the top right of the screen and select the item "Switch to YouTube Premium" from the menu that opens and then tap the "Try it for free". You can confirm the purchase with Face ID, Touch ID or password.

Once the free trial month has expired, to deactivate the subscription you have to go to the iOS home screen and press the gear-shaped Settings icon, then tap on your name (you can find it at the top of the displayed screen) and finally select “iTunes Store and App Store”. Here select your Apple ID, tap on View Apple ID and unlock account access via Face ID, Touch ID or password. Finally, click on "Subscriptions": in the list you will also find YouTube Premium. Select the option "Cancel trial period".

Perfect, you should now have a complete and comprehensive overview of how to get YouTube Premium for free. It wasn't particularly difficult, was it? Good fun!

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