How to make an Instagram Story

How to make an Instagram Story How to Make an Instagram Story: Guide

One of the most used tools on Instagram are the Stories: important to gain popularity e build user loyalty to our profile. If you don't know how to create one, this guide will help you do it easily.

Steps to create an Instagram Story

First start the application of Instagram from your smartphone. Perfect, now press on yours picture profile, positioned at the top left. The camera will open with the classic button in the center that you just need to press to take a photo and if you want to record a video you will have to press longer.

How to make an Instagram Story

To add photos that are already present, simply move your finger upwards or choose the gallery at the bottom left. Now you can add filters, use emojis or stickers, draw or write freehand and mention other profiles, always in your photo. You can also use hashtags or tag someone in your story.
As soon as you are done, you will need to select to finish "Your story" and the latter will become visible to your followers and other Instagram users. Remember only for the next 24 hours.

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